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I went to like 3 thrift stores and I couldn’t shop, too much on my damn mind. My mom is in LA and my dad is in Mexico and I spent my afternoon on their lawn drinking beer with my new flamingos frands and their dog. My mom took the secret house key but I didn’t know that until after I looked under every pot and animal on the porch. I went to the mall to buy some lipstick at MAC and maybe it was my Pokemon shirt with my 80’s green anorak hiking jacket that they saw me and though I had no money or what but I walked out annoyed they helped someone else before me after 25 mins of waiting awkwardly. Fuck that place. I’ll go again to another store, probably drunk because things like that make me nervous. I really want their 15 dollar lipstick -__- I’m home having a beer on my bed lolllpllolll. Also, body, have your period now. I cried more than normal about songs today but I’m not sure if it was hormones or sad/happy memories. I randomly went to Wells Fargo and the teller was so sweet she sent me to a banker and I have free banking again! I’m yelling at my cats and I’m so warm, I guess it’s time for my sleeps. Goodnight.